Winter Weather Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

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Baltimore truck accident lawyers discuss winter weather safety tips for truck drivers.Driving a large commercial truck for a living is not always an easy job. Long hours behind the wheel, tight deadlines, and time away from family are just a few challenges of being a truck driver. When the temperatures begin to drop and the weather forecast calls for ice, snow, or freezing rain, the job can become even more challenging. If a truck driver loses control of the vehicle due to inclement weather and poor road conditions, it can have devastating consequences for the driver and other motorists in the vicinity. Truck drivers should keep the following safety tips in mind when driving during the winter months.

Winter Driving Tips

  • Make sure that your vehicle has been inspected and that it is prepared for the winter weather. This means checking tire pressure, engine oil, headlights and taillights, and anti-freeze levels. A mechanic should also check the vehicle for wear and tear that could cause problems in the extreme cold.
  • Reduce your speed on roads that are covered in ice, snow, or freezing rain. A truck can take much longer to come to a complete stop, particularly if there is poor traction due to the road condition. By slowing down, truck drivers can avoid losing control of the vehicle and help prevent devastating accidents.
  • Leave additional distance between the truck and the vehicle you are following. On icy roads, the stopping distance is 10 times the normal distance. Black ice is particularly dangerous in the winter weather because drivers do not always see it until it is too late.
  • Avoid sudden braking, acceleration, and quick lane changes. This can reduce traction on wet, slippery roads. When slowing down, pump the brakes lightly.
  • Tire spray from other vehicles can give an idea of how wet the road has become. If the temperature is below freezing and there is little tire spray, it can mean that the water on the road has started to freeze.
  • Keep a bag of kitty litter in the truck. This is an environmentally safe way to provide traction on the road if it becomes icy or snow-covered.
  • If driving during a bad storm, get off the road and find a safe, well-lit spot to park until it is safe to drive again.
  • Always keep your headlights on as this makes trucks more visible to other motorists and allows them to maintain a safe distance from the truck.
  • Always carry an emergency kit in the truck that includes warm clothing, blankets, a flashlight, non-perishable food, plenty of water, a first aid kit, and a shovel.
  • Always keep your attention focused on the road and avoid any distractions.

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