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Truck Accidents Caused by Lost Loads

Anyone who has been on a busy highway behind a large truck that is carrying multiple cars has probably wondered what would happen if one of the cars somehow became dislodged, falling onto the other vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, this type of truck accident can happen when the driver fails to properly secure the cargo that they are transporting. One small oversight during the loading process can have devastating consequences if cargo falls from a tractor-trailer, truck bed, or from the top of a vehicle.

Truck drivers must complete rigorous training before becoming a licensed commercial driver. However, even the most well trained, experienced truck drivers can be involved in a serious big rig accident if he or she is driving a truck that has been improperly secured, or overloaded. To prevent wrecks like this from happening, the trucking industry has guidelines in place that specify exactly how loads should be secured on flatbed trailers, or inside tractor trailers.

Dangers of Overloading

When a truck is overloaded with too much cargo, it can affect the truck’s ability to stop in enough time to avoid an accident. Oftentimes, this can result in rearend collisions and other, more serious trucking accidents. While it may not be obvious to the victim that the truck was overloaded, this information can be revealed during the investigation of the accident.

Other Common Causes of Truck Accidents

In addition to overloading, another common cause of serious truck accidents is when cargo becomes dislodged from the truck and falls onto the road, potentially hitting other vehicles. Because these accidents often occur on highways where people are driving at high speeds, even a relatively small object, or some kind of loose debris can cause serious injuries if it hits another vehicle. However, it is the larger objects, like unsecured boats, cars, construction materials, or machinery that can have the most devastating consequences.

Regulations and Requirements for Securing Cargo

Truck companies and drivers must follow federal regulations concerning proper cargo loading and securing practices. Drivers must inspect the cargo and the securing devices within the first 50 miles of a trip. If the cargo has moved or become unstable in any way, the driver must make the necessary adjustments to ensure that the cargo is safely secured. The federal regulations say that all drivers must reexamine their cargo throughout the trip in order to make any additional adjustments that may become necessary. The use of recommended securing devices like chains, ropes, binders, or winces is also required in order to properly secure the cargo over the course of the trip. When drivers fail to take these precautions, it can cause massive damage and serious, often fatal injuries.

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