Dash Camera Data Helps Trucking Industry Reduce Accidents

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Baltimore Truck accident lawyers discuss dash camera data helps trucking industry reduce accidents. If you have ever driven past a truck accident on the highway, you know how devastating and destructive they can be. One of the more common causes of truck accidents is drowsy driving. Too many truck drivers spend long hours behind the wheel on too little sleep to meet tight delivery deadlines. Lytx DriveCams can help reduce devastating truck accidents by identifying risky behavior and sending that information to customers’ accounts. Customers can use this information to develop more effective training and coaching programs.

The Lytx DriveCams are mounted near the top of the windshield and are equipped with both forward and inward facing lenses, which capture audio and video footage. When the camera is triggered to record an event, its light will turn from green to red, at which time it will begin recording. Triggers include sudden braking, cornering, hard acceleration, or a collision.

According to a client intelligence analyst for Lytx, the company compiles data with stages of an event. First, the DriveCam records a truck driver engaging in risky driving behavior. The event is then evaluated by a DriveCam specialist who will determine what triggered the event and score it for behavior that is considered either coachable or risky. After reviewing each event, Lytx delivers its findings to the customer’s account.

Accident Data

 Lytx analyzed data from 575,000 connected vehicles that traveled over 100 billion miles. The data revealed the following:

  • Most truck accidents occur on Thursdays
  • Most near-collisions occur on Wednesdays.
  • Most collisions and near collisions occur between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m.
  • Truck accidents are least likely to occur on Mondays.

According to the analyst, the above statistics make sense since drivers tend to be more fatigued toward the end of the week. They also found a 25 percent reduction in drowsy driving, a 24 percent drop in late response times, and a 21 percent drop in falling asleep at the wheel. There were also fewer collisions and near collisions for truck drivers. There was, however, an increase in certain risky driving behaviors, including not wearing a seat belt, using a cell phone while driving, and speeding.

Lytx commented that truck drivers often have a false sense of security when they are in their truck due to its size. What they fail to recognize is the importance of wearing a seat belt, particularly if the truck driver is involved in a rollover crash. It is crucial that trucking companies train drivers on how to stay alert and engaged while driving, particularly on long stretches of road.

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