Common Causes of Devastating Truck Accidents

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Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyers discuss common causes of collisions that lead to injured truck accident victims. Few traffic accidents are as destructive and dangerous as truck accidents.

This is largely due to the massive size and weight of the average commercial truck, which can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. When a passenger vehicle is involved in a truck accident, the occupants of the car often suffer severe injuries, if they were lucky enough to survive the accident. Understanding the common causes of these tragic accidents can help truck drivers make safe choices when they are behind the wheel.

Drowsy Driving

Fatigue is the most common cause of truck accidents. Truck drivers tend to drive long hours, often on too little sleep. Truck companies often expect drivers to meet very tight deadlines, so truck drivers may violate the hours of service rules to meet those deadlines. An accumulation of fatigue can impact concentration, coordination, and the ability to react quickly to a situation. In extreme cases, exhausted truck drivers may fall asleep at the wheel.

Drunk Driving

Truck drivers who use drugs or alcohol put themselves and other motorists on the road at risk of being injured in an accident. Even certain prescription medications can cause drowsiness and impaired coordination, which can increase the risk of accidents.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

Commercial trucks log thousands of miles each day, so it is extremely important that they are maintained regularly. If equipment such as brakes, tires, or headlights fail, it can cause serious accidents. It is the driver’s responsibility to make sure that their truck is properly maintained and that the appropriate repairs are made when necessary.

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers who are behind the wheel for several hours often become bored and look for something to break up the monotony. Sending or reading a text, making a phone call, or checking social media may ease the boredom, but those actions also cause devastating accidents if the truck driver does not see another vehicle due to distracted driving.

Inclement Weather Conditions

Rain, snow, and ice can cause hazardous road conditions, but it is particularly dangerous for large trucks since they require much more road space to stop. Slippery road conditions can also cause a truck to skid, hydroplane, or jackknife, which is extremely dangerous if other cars are in the vicinity.

Improper Cargo Loading

If a truck’s cargo is not loaded properly, it can shift, and the weight of the cargo can cause it to fall off the truck and into the road. If other vehicles are on the road, this can cause serious accidents and injuries.

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