Truck Accidents Caused by Wide Turns

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Baltimore Truck Accident Lawyers discuss truck accidents caused by wide turns. If you have ever watched a large commercial truck try to navigate a right-hand turn, a left-hand turn, or a U-turn, you know that it has a very wide turning radius due to the massive size and length of the truck.

Because of the amount of space needed for the truck to make the turn, the truck driver may need to position the truck in the outer lane in order to successfully complete the turn.

Unfortunately, if the truck driver is not paying attention to his or her surroundings, or another vehicle tries to sneak past the truck as it begins a wide turn, this can result in a serious collision.

Types of Wide Turn Accidents

Common wide turn truck accidents may include:

Left Turn Accidents: When making a left turn, a large commercial truck typically needs to cross over several lanes of traffic. Depending on the location, and the number of turn lanes available at an intersection, making a left turn can be challenging for a commercial truck driver. In some cases, a truck driver will be required to move into a non-turn lane to their right, in order to complete the left turn.

If an accident does occur, the truck driver may be at fault if he or she attempted to make the turn when there was clearly not enough time, or they did not check for oncoming vehicles. However, if the other driver ran a red light or was speeding, he or she would likely be at fault.

Right Turn Accidents: Right turns can also be challenging for truck drivers, particularly if other motorists on the road are not aware of the amount of space needed for a truck to make a right turn. Accidents can occur if a trucker collides with an oncoming vehicle, or if a driver on the inside lane get pinned as the truck on the outside lane makes the same right turn.

Oftentimes, a truck driver will claim that the other driver got in the way as he or she tried to sneak past. This could result in a contributory negligence claim.

U-Turn Accidents: U-turns are extremely difficult, if not impossible, for a large commercial truck. It requires the vehicle to make a 180-degree turn without disrupting traffic. Therefore, truckers are trained to avoid taking U-turns and either go around the block or find a large parking lot where they can turn around.

U-turn accidents are almost always the truck driver’s fault, unless extenuating circumstances forced the driver to make a U-turn.

Truck Diver Responsibility

Truck drivers are trained to handle the complexities of driving a large semi-truck, and how to maneuver turns in various traffic situations. When a wide turn results in an accident, the truck driver would be considered negligent if they did any of the following:

  • Failed to use a turn signal
  • Did not check blind spots before turning
  • Swung wide when it was not necessary
  • Turned into oncoming traffic
  • Did not wait for traffic to clear before turning

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