Zero Accident Vision Initiative

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Baltimore Truck accident Lawyers discuss Volvo's Zero Accident Initiative kicked off to prevent futture truck accidents. According to the traffic and product safety director of Volvo Trucks, every year, worldwide, a staggering 1.2 million people are fatally injured in auto-related accidents. Around 90 percent of these accidents are caused by human error and negligence. Volvo has long been known as a company that prides itself in safety. Following in that tradition, this year, Volvo Trucks has announced that it envisions a world where the large number of annual fatalities is eliminated, starting with their Zero Accident Vision Initiative. The company made a strong statement during the 2017 American Trucking Associations Management Conference & Exhibition in Orlando, Florida.

According to director Carl Johan Almqvist, Volvo envisions that no Volvo truck will be involved in a truck accident. To further this vision and make it a reality, Volvo is continuously implementing an array of accident mitigation safety systems. For example, many Volvo trucks are now equipped with Volvo Enhanced Stability Technology, and Volvo Active Driver Assist. The latter includes Bendix Wingman Fusion, which is standard on several Volvo commercial trucks, including the Volvo VNL long-haul series tractors and Volvo VNR regional haul trailers.

Safety Starts with the Drivers

Volvo acknowledges that since 90 percent of all wrecks are caused by human factors, these safety measures can only bring us so far in eliminating fatalities altogether. On behalf of Volvo, director Almqvist commended companies and programs that invest in professional drivers. Drivers are likely to perform better on roads and practice safe driving when they feel valued, engaged, and appreciated by their employers.

Volvo Trucks recognizes that it cannot accomplish its goal of zero fatalities alone, even with the extensive use of safety technology that begins to bridge the gap toward a world of driverless, automated cars and trucks.  The company, with its Zero Accident Vision Initiative, is also reaching out to collaborate with politicians, public authorities, and expert researchers to eliminate accidents from roadways worldwide. No single entity can solve the problem of traffic fatalities alone, according to Volvo, recognizing that everyone must work together to further the initiative’s goal.

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