Baltimore Trucking Accident Lawyers: Holiday Shipping Increases Risk of Truck Accidents

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Retailers across the country are gearing up for the busy holiday shopping season. That means that more shipping trucks will be on the roads delivering food, toys, decorations and other items stores need to keep their shelves stocked for the holidays. Online shopping is another reason for increased truck traffic. This year, FedEx alone says it will ship a record 317 million packages between Black Friday and Christmas Eve, up 12.4% from last year. But with more truck traffic on the road comes an increased risk for trucking accidents. Primary reasons for this include:

Holiday traffic – As the holidays approach, more people take to the road to visit with family and friends, attend holiday parties and shop for gifts. Holiday travelers tend to drive longer distances, which could increase the risk of a drowsy driving car accident. Drunk driving is also a major concern and a leading factor in fatal accidents during the holiday season.

Tight deadlines – With the widespread use of two-day and even one-day shipping, delivery drivers are under more pressure than ever to make their deliveries on time. At this busy time of year, even normally responsible truck drivers may be tempted to speed or go without sleep in order to meet the unrealistic schedules set by their employers.

Holiday-related stress – The stress of holiday preparations and family visits can take a toll on anyone, including truck drivers. Studies have shown that holiday-related stress causes some people to engage in dangerous driving behaviors, such as aggressive driving and distracted driving. Unfortunately, when the driver of an 18-wheeler is under stress, the risk that it can lead to a serious or fatal wreck is greater.

Illness – Stress, fatigue and colder temperatures increase the likelihood of a driver coming down with a cold or flu. This can affect drivers in a number of ways. They may be pressured to work even though they are not feeling well, or to take on extra work for drivers who are out sick. Certain medications can affect driving performance. Drivers taking antihistamines, for example, may be more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel.

Temporary workers – Most companies hire seasonal workers to help with the busy shipping season. Unfortunately, some employers fail to take the time to properly train workers on standards important for safety. This could result in cargo being improperly loaded, resulting in a dangerous loss of cargo or a shift of cargo that causes the truck to rollover.

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