Truck Drivers Receive Too Little Sleep

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Baltimore truck accident lawyers discuss lack of sleep among truck drivers. It is not uncommon for truck drivers to spend long hours behind the wheel, often with no breaks for sleep. As a result, a large percentage of truck drivers are drowsy, and some even report that they have fallen asleep while operating a large commercial truck. Due to the massive size and weight of the average truck, this can have devastating consequences if the truck driver causes an accident because of drowsy driving. Researchers found that truck drivers top of the list of American workers who do not get enough sleep. Researchers urge employers to identify strategies that can help workers address this problem and get more sleep.

In addition to drowsiness, the study found that sleep deprivation had an impact on the rising rates of chronic diseases in this county. According to the lead author of the study and professor of health services at Ball State in Muncie, Indiana, too little sleep can cause mild to severe physical and mental health issues, as well as injuries, loss of productivity, and premature mortality. The high rate of chronic diseases in this country is a major problem. It affects people of all ages and many of these health issues are related to inadequate sleep.

Impact of Drowsy Driving

When a truck driver does not get enough sleep, the driver is not the only person affected. Customers may not receive their cargo on time. More importantly, motorists in the vicinity are at risk of being seriously injured or killed in a truck accident if the truck driver dozes off or fails to maintain control of the vehicle due to drowsiness. It is the employer’s responsibility to promote healthy strategies for truck drivers who struggle with sleep problems.

There were several factors that contributed to the high rates of sleep deprivation among truck drivers. Truck drivers tend to work long hours, often driving through the night. They also have access to various types of technology and electronic devices, which are known to keep people awake at night. In addition, certain over-the-counter medications are known to keep people awake when they should be sleeping. Due to the sedentary nature of the work and tendency to eat fast food rather than healthier options, combined with a high level of stress and too little sleep, truck drivers can develop multiple chronic conditions.

It is important to raise awareness of this issue and take steps to diagnose, treat, and monitor sleep disorders. This will help ensure that truck drivers are getting enough sleep and reduce the risk of devastating truck accidents that are caused by drowsy driving.

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